How to remove DRM from sony EPUB and BBeB

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How to remove DRM from sony EPUB and BBeB

I have lots of sony ebooks in BBeB and EPUB that I would like to remove the drm from. Is this possible?? Can someone explain how to remove epub drm?

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It is possible to remove DRM protection from EPUB files using free python scripts:

Python is a general-purpose high-level programming language whose design philosophy emphasizes code readability. Python aims to combine "remarkable power with very clear syntax", and its standard library is large and comprehensive. Its use of indentation for block delimiters is unusual among popular programming languages.

By way of a concrete reverse-engineering contribution, I have successfully circumvented Adobe's ADEPT DRM scheme for EPUB files. The same circumvention probably also allows decryption of ADEPT-encrypted PDF files, although I haven't looked into it yet.

ADEPT is pretty close to faultless as a crypto system -- a per-user RSA key encrypts a per-book AES key which encrypts the content. It uses AES in CBC mode with a random IV. It uses RSA with PKCS#1 v1.5 padding, which is perfectly adequate for this case. Unfortunately for Adobe, this isn't a crypto system, but a DRM system. DRM systems ultimately depend not on the strength of their cryptography, but the complexity of their obfuscation. There is very little obfuscation in how Adobe Digital Editions hides and encrypts the per-user RSA key, allowing fairly simple duplication of exactly the same process Digital Editions uses to retrieve it.

In practical terms, this breaks ADEPT circumvention into two components: key retrieval and decryption. Key retrieval depends only on the details of Digital Editions and can change seamlessly with an update to the same. Decryption however is a property of the architecture of the system as a whole. Preventing circumventing decryption with previously retrieved keys would require changes to both DE and Adobe Content Server and would take quite some time to propagate to all ACS customers. The upshot being that if you want to decrypt ADEPT books in the future, grab your key now -- no garauntees that you'll be able to do so in the future, but a previously-retrieved key should keep on working.

Here are the scripts for finding epub drm keys and remove epub drm:
Key-retrieval script (ineptkey.pyw version 3 for find epub drm) and Decryption script (ineptepub.pyw version 2 for remove epub drm):


To use:

1. install Python 2.6+ (32bit) and PyCrypto,
2. run the key-retrieval script ineptkey.pyw,
3. then run the decryption script ineptepub.pyw using the retrieved key.
And on a preachy note, please don't be a jerk with these. DRM is bad, but piracy is wrong kids, and only validates the opinions of those who think they need DRM in the first place.


1. Install Adobe Flash Player, Code:

2. Install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)

3. Authorize your copy of Adobe Digital Editions.

4. Install Python

5. Install PyCrypto

6. Download ineptkey.pyw and ineptepub.pyw and put them into one directory.

7. Run ineptkey.pyw. It will find the key and write it to hard disk as "ADEPTKEY.DER " in the same directory where ineptkey.pyw is.

8. Run ineptepub.pyw to remove epub drm.
A dialog windows with three parameters will pop up :

    Key file ADEPTKEY.DER (filled automatically if the ADEPTKEY.DER-file and ineptepub.pyw reside in the same directory)
    If not, click on the "…" button and select a file.

    Input file
    Click on the "…" button to choose your EPUB ebook. You'll find it in "My Documents\My Digital Editions".
    If you just can't find the EPUB ebook, open Adobe Digital Editions and find the path in the properties of the ebook.

    Output file
    Click on the "…" and enter a filename.

9. Open your newly created DRM-free EPUB file with your favorite application (on whatever device you like)

The same steps to remove BBeB drm protections.

Download Key-retrieval script (ineptkey.pyw 4.3):   Save the Python code as ineptkey.pyw

Download ineptepub.pyw (version 2, for removing epub drm)
or download aineptepub.pyw version 4.1   Save the Python code as aineptepub.pyw

Originally Posted by any ANONYMOUS forum user I get the following error message when trying to remove DRM from EPUB with python scripts:
Error : Unexpected EOF

I downloaded ineptkey.pyw and ineptpdf.pyw. Then

Extracted the key with ineptkey.pyw (v3) and got an adeptkey.der file

Tried to remove the DRM from the epub file with ineptpdf.pyw (v2)
and it failed with the error : "Error : Unexpected EOF"

The error message occurs on nextline() function with linepos variable value 970.630.

The ebook is 970.691 bytes long.

You need to use ineptkey.pyw and ineptepub.pyw to remove DRM from EPUB files, because ineptpdf.pyw is intended to be used with PDF files.


Usefull articel:

How to remove epub drm step by step with screenshot.

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06/1/2010 11:21:20


I tried all the steps to remove drm from epub file.. But I am not able to bream the drm.. While execting the script am getting Error as

"Error: Problem decrypting session key"

Can any one break the drm of this epub book file.


06/13/2010 13:19:30
Works beautifully. D/L a DRM protected epub from an online vendor, ran through the scripts and uploaded to Apple's iBooks app on the iPad.
06/24/2010 19:57:05
I am also getting the Error: Problem decrypting session key error.  Is there a solution for this?
06/25/2010 19:36:31
Could please provide the epub files online!?
I will take a test.
07/25/2010 05:56:02
08/21/2010 17:10:35
I get the following error when running ineptkey.pyw: "WindowsError: exception: access violation writing 0X0000000001D6F6E0" Is this because I'm not logged on as the administrator? I'm using windows 7 if that helps.
08/27/2010 13:39:36
how long does it take to decryppt epub book?
it's taking more than 5minutes so far.
09/3/2010 11:45:54


I followed all the instructions and opened ineptkey.pyw

However, nothing happens!
Does anyone know what to do?


09/4/2010 03:52:54
You can see the full guide with ePub Drm Removal program software download here:
If it do not work, please check your system--XP,2000,2003,Vista or Win 7...
12/17/2010 11:50:29
While trying to remove the DRM on another computer than the registered one, I receive the error: "problem decrytping session key".
Can this be done, though?