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Basically, I packaged (the latest versions of both, so drmdbg is the January 1, 2009 version) and jotted down some quick instructions on how to use them from start to finish. (It starts at individualization and ends at freeing the DRM-protected content).

P.S. As always, scan for viruses (yes, I'm asking you to scan a file that I posted for viruses). I know that I'm trustworthy, but you don't. Stay safe. =)

That's the "something that may help you". Now here's my request...

Can someone (preferably someone who hasn't even individualized his/her computer yet) please follow the instructions step-by-step and tell me if everything works out? I want to make sure that I didn't miss a step or write down a step incorrectly. I already did the first few steps a while back, so I can't verify that they are correct.

Thanks, and enjoy... At the same time. x,X

Oh, and I take credit for nothing other than the instructions. Even then, you're free to post the instructions wherever (with or without credits... I don't really mind) you want.

For those who already have drmdbg and FreeMe2...

How to initialize the system and install windows media player 10 (wmp 10) to meet the DrmDbg requirement.

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Quote,drmdbg guide :

Instructions for Removing DRM with drmdbg and FreeMe2:
drmdbg guide step 1, Individualize your computer at:
http://services.wmdrm.windowsmedia.com/indivSite/en/indivit.asp  (Windows media technologies)
drmdbg guide step 2, Open up "drmdbg.exe".
Note: "drmdbg.ini" should be created in the "DRM Removal Kit" directory".
drmdbg guide step 3, May not be required! Do no change anything if the settings below already have paths filled in. In "drmdbg.ini", change:
(on Windows XP) INTO
path=C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM\Cache\Indiv01.key
(on Windows Vista) INTO Code:
  The path and number of the Individualization keys may vary, but these are the usual locations.
  The files may be located on a different drive. They should be installed on your system drive by default, so replace "C" with your system drive letter.
  Number variations will be something like "Indiv02.key", etc... Pick the highest number.
  The keys are hidden by default... To make them visible, go to: (In Windows Explorer or Control Panel)
"Tools (Windows Explorer Only) -> Folder Options -> View", then check "Show hidden files and folder" and uncheck "Hide protected operating system files".
Once you find the key, replace the path in "drmdbg.ini" with the proper path.
drmdbg guide step 4, Restart "drmdbg.exe"
  "[Insert Key Path Here] v11.0.6000.7000" should be displayed in the box beside "MultiScan". (With the proper key path inserted, of course)
  A "DRM2" folder with "DRM2.key" should be created in the "DRM Removal Kit" directory.
Note: Windows Media Player should open.
drmdbg guide step 5, Put the DRM-protected file into the "DRM Removal Kit" directory.
drmdbg guide step 6, Open up "drmdbg.exe", then press "MultiScan" after the keys are loaded.
drmdbg guide step 7, Take the necessary steps to play the media (validate the license).
drmdbg guide step 8, The keys will be displayed in the bottom box of drmdbg (beside "Clear").
Note: The only part of the output that is required to decrypt the media is the SID...
drmdbg guide step 9, Drag the DRM-protected file onto "FreeMe2.bat", then paste its SID when asked to do so.
Note: Right click, then click "Paste".
drmdbg guide step 10, Enjoy the DRM-free content!


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 WIth the passage,you can easily Remove drm,so if you are bothered by drm for a long time and drm makes your life so easy,after the passage,i think you will never be afaid of DRM!!!


04/13/2010 10:07:21
I want a copy of Drmdbg, could you send by email I inputed! thanks!
09/7/2010 15:55:44

step 3: A "DRM2" folder with "DRM2.key" should be created in the "DRM Removal Kit" directory.
Note: Windows Media Player should open.


step 8: keys don't show up and the program craps out.


Don't waste your time, people.

12/9/2010 14:05:21
I need DRMDBG download...please send to email provided
01/15/2011 16:32:18
Agree with Bob, steps 3 and 8 fail.
03/21/2011 09:13:56

This fails at step 2. After updating my media player the files that show up in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\DRM\Cache\
don't have a Induv01.key file. only indiv01.reg, indiv01.bla, indiv01.tmp.

Step 4 also fails. Run drmdbg - opens WMP then WMP closes immediately.  FAIL

04/3/2011 11:23:09
I need the DRMDbg.exe file  can you please send to the email provided
04/29/2011 16:54:03
i need the DRMDbg.exe file. could you email, please!!
08/10/2012 15:35:28

me too