Convert Amazon Kindle For PC Books

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Convert Amazon Kindle For PC Books

Use unswindle.pyw to Convert Amazon Kindle For PC Books for free, just 2 clicks , get the decrypted .mobi ebooks.

People have been asking me if there’s a way to convert Kindle books downloaded with Amazon’s Kindle For PC application pretty much since the day it was released.

A fantastic Kindle For PC converter has been made. And it works really, really well. And it is significantly easier than the old “Kindle-only” method.


Here’s how to Convert Kindle ebooks to PC:

1) Install Kindle for PC. The latest version of Kindle for PC has broken the scripts, so install this older version, and make sure you disable automatic updates in Kindle for PC’s settings.

2) Install 32-bit python 2.6 for Windows from here (even if your system is 64-bit you need the 32-bit version in order for this to work) :

3) Download unswindle.pyw and and unzip it somewhere on your PC

4) Open the unzipped folder and double-click unswindle.pyw

Kindle For PC will now open.

5) Select the book you want to convert.

6) When the book loads, simply exit Kindle For PC

A ‘Save’ dialog will open asking you where you want to save your new decrypted .mobi file. And we’re done.

(As it uses mobidedrm, it still won’t work on Topaz/.tpz files, and the first one I tried happened to be one. Still, most books will work.)

04/29/2011 07:53:02
It says "error in the book path" at the end of this opperation. What should I do?