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DVDx is a free video encoding application that allows the user to convert a DVD-Video to VCD 2.0 or SVCD 1.0 or AVI or Windows Media (WMV) in one step (including multiplexing, splitting). It produces reasonably good quality movies in AVI/MPEG/MPEG2/WMV9 format. DVDx has been designed especially for inexperienced users.

While DVDs are high quality and you can rip them to your PC, they do have drawbacks, such as large file sizes(4-9 Gigabytes per movie) and obscure file-naming. By ripping a DVD to an AVI or MPEG file, you benefit from small and portable file sizes, your own file naming. Also, the files can be used for video editing.

  • Version:
  • DVDx V2.20
  • OS Support:
  • Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7
  • File Size:
  • 4.32M
  • License:
  • Free Software, no limitation, Free Download.
DVDx Free Download

DVDx is likely the most popular DVD backup software world wide. Based on well known open source libraries, DVDx converts DVD movies in high qulaity (S)Video CD, DivX or Windows Media files.

What can DVDx do ?

DVDx copies DVD movie to VCD, SVCD, DivX, AVI or WMV in one step.

DVDx has been designed as a simple and intuitive program especially for unexperimented users.

DVDx produces high quality MPEG and AVI movies and advanced features provides smart settings for experimented users.

What version is right for me ?

DVDx Ultra Edition can copy protected movies while standard version can't.

If you're allowed to copy commercial or protected movies, we strongly recommend you the Ultra Edition.

DVDx is freeware, shall I buy a VIP Pass !?

Sure! . Freeware has two acceptions: gratis software or free access of source code. DVDx accepts both: free access to source code and gratis.

While labDV team and other nice coders work for free to make DVDx a great software, we can't give our own money (got from our regular job) to distribute DVDx and to make it accessible to the most. So buying a VIP Pass helps to pay for web hosting and internet bandwidth and strongly encourages further developments.

However you can get standard version binaries for free from Source-Forge servers and you can get Ultra Edition binaries for free from magazine CD-ROMs or any other web sites providing free software download. The source code includes Ultra Edition as well, so you can compile your own ultra Edition gratis.

Why DVDx is the fastest DVD backup solution out there ?

DVDx is likely the fastest solution ever to copy a DVD into a DivX file because the DVD reading (and decrypting) is done while encoding to DivX.

Alternative solutions require to copy the DVD to the hard drive with DVD Decrypter (or SmartRipper or any other DVD ripping software) which takes about 30 minutes, and then the encoding time is added. So with a 75FPS encoding speed for a 1:30 PAL (25FPS) movie, the total ripping time of alternative software is 1 hour. While DVDx will take less than 32 minutes (at 72FPS).

We encourage you to upgrade your DivX codec to latest version which takes benefit from latest compiler enhancement for new Intel/AMD processors. On a $1,000 consumer HP Pavilion with a Intel Pentium 830D, the encoding DVDx frame rate is 72FPS with DivX Pro 6.1.1 and later.

To encode to MPEG VCD/SVCD with the internal encoder or to encode to Windows Media, DVDx is also the fastest solution for the same reason.

Is DVDx complying with copyright regulations ?

DVDx standard version has no DRM removal feature so it complies with any copyright regulation, avoiding to copy protect DVDs.

DVDx Ultra Edition can copy protected movies so it may not comply with several copyright regulation and you are required to check it for your own country.


How to rip  a dvd, here is a step by step guide:

1. Download DVDx archive file to your computer (DVDx_2_20_setup.zip), open it and double-click on "DVDx Setup". Complete the installation of DVDx.

Ensure you have XviD (and/or DivX) drivers by installing AutoGK or downloading codecs separately.Download the latest DivX free from divx.com.

2. Now run the DVDx software. The program window will appear.

You should insert the DVD you wish to rip into the DVD drive. Alternatively, if your DVD is saved as files on your computer, you can rip from there.

On the DVDx window, there are three menus available, File, Settings, and Tools.

A file window opens, and you can browse to your DVD.

Alternatively, to open DVD files which have been previously saved to your hard drive, click "Open IFO" to select your hard disk files as source.

In the folder selection box, select the file VTS_01_0.IFO in the DVD target directory on the hard drive.

Your movie is now loaded as source.

The Input Settings dialog automatically opens.

3. If you have more than 1 movie on the DVD, select the file that shows up in the popup box and then choose which movie you wish to encode by selecting it from the pull down menu in the upper left corner. You will have to choose the root menu and file for each one on the DVD, if there is more than 1 movie on the DVD.

 The Input Settings Dialog

4. Notice that the Input Settings dialog will show, in the Program Chain Index section at top left, the length of the movie to be processed. Check a suitable audio track is shown in the Audio section.

Other settings can be left at default.Note: If during conversion you get an error "DVD drive could not be locked", you should install ASPI drivers (from Adaptec), and then select the "Use ASPI" option. Otherwise this will not be necessary.Now click OK.

5. Navigate to the Output Settings dialog box (shown below) through the Settings menu. Here you can choose output options such as movie format (AVI or MPG), and set the screen size (resolution) and audio quality.

 The Output Settings Dialog

6.Change several settings in the Output Settings dialog box:

Choose an output format (AVI is suitable for playback in Media Player).Now choose an audio compression method. Lame MP3 is capable of excellent sound at small filesize (AVI only). If Lame is not available, choose the MPEG video compression, or download Lame MP3 drivers.
Choose the XviD video codec in the dropdown menu. Click 'Enable Video', but leave 'Enable 2nd' unchecked. You can choose an alternative video codec (such as DivX or Mpeg4) if you prefer.Across in section Export Settings, choose a screen size (resolution) for encoding.

For widescreen monitors (size ratio 16:9) choose 720x576. Any multiple of 16 is acceptable.

For normal monitors choose (size ratio 4:3) choose 720x544. Any multiple of 16 is acceptable.

Next to the Max Frame number, click the button named Whole. Make sure you press this button for each new DVD movie or DVD file that you choose.

Other settings can be left at default.

To rip full movies without splitting the last few minutes into another file, Set the maximum file size to infinite in the Output Settings and rip away. This is in the "Volume Don't exceed" drop down.

Click the Apply button.

7. Finally, under the File menu, click the menu item called Destination.This button is also found next to the red Record button at the bottom right.

Browse to a suitable destination folder, and type a filename into the box. Click on Save, then OK.You are now ready to convert a DVD to an AVI.

8. Click the red Record button at bottom right.

9. Wait for encoding to complete and then enjoy your movie.